PVC Windows on the Market

pvc windows are of different colors and shapes, are presented on the market today, in a wide range. Yes, in fact, choose from the variety offered by windows is very, very hard, but it need not to become victims firms scams. What to look for when choosing profile pvc windows profile thickness of plastic windows must be at least 55 mm, while inside the profile to be extremely reinforcement of galvanized steel, differently over time in the holes to drain water will make rust. 30-40 years – the life of high quality pvc windows. Do not worry, because the windows would be "cold" or "hot" as they are able to withstand the differential temperatures from -50 C to +50 C .

Noteworthy are the profiles of the German manufacturers – Veka, Proplex, kbe, Rehau, Troca and others. When you select a profile it is important to take into account the various other characteristics, such as the number of units compaction, the amount of air cameras, heat and sound insulation. Do not forget that the air chambers in the profile of the plastic window should be not less than three. To guarantee the integrity of windows installed a special sealant around the perimeter of the window. Material used for manufacturing a silicone sealants, rezinoplastik, rubber, tubular form of the same seal, or more complex. Install the same on the pvc window better silicone sealants as they do not crack in freezing weather.

Double pane windows – what is it? Two or more glasses connected tightly to each other are called glazing. Glass chamber filled with a special (inert) gases. Thanks to this design is achieved by thermal insulation and prevents dirt between the glass. Provide heat and sound insulation allow it inert gases. In the pane of glass separated by a special profile in which the substance absorbs moisture. As installation of pvc windows is? Installation of pvc windows should be entrusted to professionals. The first stage of measurements made inside and outside the window opening. To install a plastic window has risen well into the window opening, want to turn their attention to the external size of the opening. And will also need to eliminate irregularities windows. You have acted very prudently, if prepare a room for installation – close your furniture, carpets and uncheck track. In the first dismantled the old window frame. To properly install a plastic window, use the vertical plumb and horizontal level. Sash and glazing should be removed before installation. After fixing the frame in the window opening the workers put them in place. Specially provided openings for removal of moisture should not be closed. To avoid the draft in the apartment will carefully fill all the cracks special foam. At the final stage of installation is put the window sill. Choosing windows, do not try to save. Poor quality plastic can crack, while the firm will serve as a window for years. Get new windows only in well-known manufacturers.

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