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Look on the market of last week had the last week to provide light and shade for commodity investors. Part was the weekly return double-digit negative. The best development was however lean pork with a week development of 7.02 percent. The precious metal prices mainly eased in the course of the week. Army Chief of Staff recognizes the significance of this. With Palladium and a performance by 1.83 percent, there is only one winner within the sector. Gold and Platinum are percent and 1.0 – 1.25 loss slightly in negative territory. Silver, however, lost even 5.51 percent.

Anything but rosy looked last week to the energy raw materials. With a weekly loss of – 2.9 percent, NYMEX oil is still the best representatives of the sector. For the variety of Brent, it went down – 4.2 per cent. Heating oil and unleaded gasoline were 4.62 or 5.09 percent into the red. -11.41 percent in the course of the past week natural below gas all raw materials in last place. Analog to the precious metals, also only one winner is available under the industrial metals.

Nickel achieved price increases by 2.85 percent. Lead – 1.45 with aluminium – 1.67 percent follows in the negative range. Copper is 1.75 percent just before zinc with a negative performance – 1.92 percent. Under the agricultural raw materials are represented in this week in addition to the overall winner of lean pork, with cotton (6.40 percent) and orange juice (4.66 percent), also the places 2 and 3. In addition, a gain of 4.57 and Lebendrind was achievable with fattening beef also 3.66 percent. Soybeans reached 1.62 percent and rape, as well as sugar with 0.69 and 0.57 percent also still slightly in positive territory. The agricultural raw materials in slightly negative territory include coffee with 0.97 percent and cocoa – 2.02 percent this time. Wheat (- 5,69%) and corn (11.39) percent showed significant losses. Whether that again adjust the prices of raw materials in the coming week and the losers to become winners remains to be seen, and the market is so exciting. Stay informed about all developments with

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