Rechte Wienzeile

Shorthand Association (MARGARETENGuRTEL 92); the Club of Vienna pigeon fanciers (Johanna Street 15) and the Association of Vienna, channel scraper (Fendigasse 33-37). Social commitment is organized in terms of Club also primarily socially oriented associations can be found in Margareten. So the blind support Club the Purkersdorfer (nikolsdorfergasse 42); the District Nursing (right Vienna row 107); the Association of the running concern Societas (right Vienna row 107) and the Magaretener orphan Council (Mittersteig 15). Diverse social democratic Club culture brought about the Seetier care section in the Association of the workers for aquariums and Terrarienkunde(Reinprechtsdorferstrasse 32) the Socialist Club culture in the core district of Margareten; the workers Radiobund(Margaretengurtel 122-124); the Esperanto teaching Department of the Association of workers Stenographen(Schonbrunnerstrasse 85); the Club Eisenbahnerheim(Margaretenstrasse 166); the trade unions and rights protection Association of the East.Eisenbahnpersonals(Margaretenstrasse 166), the social-democratic district organisation (Bacherplatz 5); the social democratic Parteisekretariat(Rechte Wienzeile 97). the Viennese women’s Committee of the Social Democratic Party of Austria (right Vienna row 107), the Club of the Social Democrats in the Wiener Gemeinderat(Rechte Wienzeile 97) and the Central Association of labour invalids, widows and orphans (MARGARETENGuRTEL 108) out. Also a slew of civil society concerns in Margareten, from education to protecting the animal organized civil society concern from education to welfare in addition. So the General Welfare Association were Austria’s (Margaretenstrasse 88); the Civic Association of the city of Vienna (St.Johanngasse 16); the German Volksbildungsverein(Schonbrunnerstrasse 12); the company Amatheurphotographen(Hamburgerstrasse 10); the Deutschosterreichische Association for the breeding of the Edelrollers(Reinprechtsdorferstrasse 65); the Austrian society for speleology, (Fendigasse 33); the Silesian Club, Stohl Berggasse 20 and trust Association, (street of the brick oven 16). .

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