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Horse therapy Rekert expanded the courses Hullhorst, August 2008 – Nina Rekert, DIPO Pferdeosteotherapeutin and physiotherapist for horses (FN) and the active health care for their horses opportunity to people, riders and horse owners with your new workshop offer “Lymphatic drainage cleaning”. “In my professional life horses with new legs meet me especially in the autumn and winter again. Veterinary standpoint this is not designated yet as a disease, rather than overloading symptom of lymphatic vessels. These horses are thus no veterinary treatment, however, have an increased risk to develop a lymphatic disorder. I now give you the possibility to act preventively the owners of such horses. By lymphatic drainage cleaning they counteract the past on legs of her horse and thus reduce the risk of lymphatic disease”, explains Nina Rekert. “Great side effect: the immune system is additionally strengthened.” The technique of lymphatic drainage cleaning is easy to learn and without having to build large overhead in the daily care of the horses. For the implementation of the workshop, I’m of course for you in the stables.

Duration of the workshop: approx. 3 hours number of participants: 4-8 students in the practical part we work in groups of two persons per horse for the theoretical part we need a room, such as for example a rider story. For more information on the Internet at of course I answer your questions advance like and get more information by phone or email. Nina Rekert horse therapy Rekert Nina Rekert Huchzener str. 6 32609 Harichandan House and farm visits, appointments by appointment Tel: 0 57 44 / 50 85 60 mobile: 01 60 / 60 59-025 fax: 0 57 44 / 50 98 10 email:

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