Religion And Business

The Religion as I negotiate. The religion to each day if becomes more vulgarized, not for its adepts that in many times do not obtain to enxergar that they are being used for the money collection, where were pra to have the destination to help to the workmanships and the physical structure of the church, and not to full the pocket of who invents religious doctrines in each esquina. The misery and I the intellectual formation make with that many people fall in this blow, arriving to lose everything because of ' ' Senhor' ' that it only exists in its head. Recent cases of the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God show to the strong alienation that is impregnated in its methodology, where fidiciary offices vendem everything who exists in its house to help to the Church, being many times to beg and finding that with these donations they will be safe and that after the death will be in the Kingdom of God. If you want to see this alienation of close, make a visit and you will see that always the shepherd or the head of determined doctrine will be making miracles, curing ill people who did not have plus none life expectancy, and that you will be invited by one of its workers, so to speak, to contribute with the humbug who all deceive thousand of people in the country. An advice that I leave the people who when reading this small article criticizing such institutions, is that she is not necessary to donate the definitive institutions to be saved or to gain status, is enough to help its next one that it must pass for some necessity, either it of food or spirit, therefore beyond is helping the next one, you will create in that person the solidarity thought, and to show it that the worse poverty is not the social one as many say, and yes of spirit..

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