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Now, when you have new knowledge, the initiative must come from you. But your partner's acquaintance with the rules of the game, no doubt, have a positive impact on its quality. Let's start to attract partner to your business. Traditionally, I will describe the proposed solution in the form of my consecutive steps. Step 1.

Take not less than 3 actions aimed at improving relations. To do this just fit the results of exercises that you did (but) a little earlier. Choose any three of which meet the needs of your partner (preferably from different categories), and / or improve the indoor climate in your relationship. It can be as arbitrarily small and basic steps. For example, to hug him / her in the morning before going to work. Or wear a bright and sexy night. Or tell him / her, which (th), he / she is good (th) father / mother and husband / wife.

Step 2. Engage in a constructive dialogue. By this step, I mean as a positive and open entry into dialogue with a partner. Without a shadow of criticism and distrust. Choose the most convenient time, when there are no other important things and you will not worry about, and take partner to the conversation. Say that there is something important, you want to discuss in a calm atmosphere. When the TV is turned off in the house, the children are asleep and all phones are covered with cushions, tell your partner that it hurts to see how something overvalued out of your relationship, you uncomfortable this situation and it can not be pleasing to him / her.

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