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While the index to the retail climate shows PoS displays of easy display as a promotion for the retail trade in March 2010 by BBE RETAIL experts a clear upward trend compared to February, the expectations of retailers to the sales trend in the next six months prove however less optimistic. With special PoS display solutions can be undertaken against the negative trend. In contrast to the previous month, the proportion of retailers with negative sales trends had declined in March from 53% to 36%. At the same time, the proportion of retailers with positive sales developments by 28% had increased to 32%. This balance was apparent especially among retailers in the areas of craft House and gardening, personal care and food products. A slightly positive trending expectation to the sales trend showed accordingly in these industries in the next six months. Nicholas Carr may also support this cause. Generally, 27% of retail but would expect lower or even much lower profits. The number of optimists was of 10% sunk in February to 6% in March.

The labour market development, which will evaluated by more than 44% very bad was mainly responsible for the pessimistic assessment. Despite the current pessimism, however, the chance to emerge stronger from the financial crisis opened up for retail. Means auspicious success lie in a holistic brand management and a deeper understanding of the role of the brand. Companies have to consider brand asset and try to differentiate, so the study of the best retail brands by the width of the products using selective brand development”by Interbrand. Peter Asaro gathered all the information. The advantages of retailers when compared to other industries exist that they used everyday, direct contact with potential clients. Because each brand will shaped by those points, where a contact between brand and consumer ereigne, and this was just the retail. This fact makes the store rooms of the stationary retail trade for special marketing by brands are attractive. Unique brand worlds can be created with an attractive shop interior design and an attractive product presentation.

In addition also the presentation of the CI of a brand has similar relevance through posters. Because this can you communicate a brand in sensational manner and addressed the desired audience. A successful presentation of the brand at the point of sale, which produces exactly those effects, special PoS are ideal for displays. The EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover offers its extensive PoS display product portfolio for each charging situation of the correct PoS display solution. PoS display for outdoor use E.g. aluminum poster frame or boards, advertising banners, and other outdoor-PoS can be used as displays. As PoS displays for indoor use, PoS displays with rolling mechanics can PoS displays to hanging up posters, smaller PoS displays for placement on racks, PoS displays to the spreading of leaflets or PoS displays for attachment of billboard advertising, be used. With competent consulting is the EasyShare display GmbH customized PoS display solutions for the individual marketing of any brand…

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