Rio De Janeiro

It is truth that nor everything that is in the reporters is truth, but that of the will to believe, this of. Already it thought if the fashion catches you police and them if they join to be able, them public if they join and all set to work aiming at the good of the population. It thinks as could improve the life of all we who we pay taxes and we are victims of the State? Victims of the State, therefore of the outlaws, this something is unquestionable! But I stow dreaming. Not as revenge form, but as form effectively to make with that the honest ones leave of being penalizados by the crimes of the malandros. He only sees: let us assume that let us need to make a financing. The financial system says that it will need in them to charge interests that exceed the limits of the health? of the honesty, therefore what it occurs is a robbery institutionalized for the legislation? because it has that to take precautions itself against the bad payers. It wants to say, is in stealing to take precautions itself against possible not payments, blows of espertalhes. It wants to say, we we pay the account of the outlaw! Something as well as: we are in one snack bar, we take a cooling one and the face of the table to the side, took a beer grating, distributed the friends and leaves without paying.

E the proprietor places this expenditure in our account. It is soft or it wants more? has more. Already it perceived the nonsense that comes occurring, has much time? It only sees: in many residences walls are raised and on the murros systems of electric defense are placed. Precaution against the banditry! Other commercial residences and, mainly, establishments if use of sophisticated systems of security with cameras and systems of alarm.

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