Roman Republic

“At last we arrived. I was tired of this horse, “said Third graciously. “You better get used to ride and riders who say they are the most skilled Numidians the world,” said Gnaeus trying the issue more seriously. After a brief look backward, Third clapping replied back with irony. “You know what I mean friend,” The lightness of his attitude caused mild laughter between the two, but soon the atmosphere changed when entering the camp. Rome was at war and the decisive battle against Hannibal was imminent.

Flaminio third was a young patrician of 20 years of age. It belongs to one of the most prestigious gens of the Roman Republic, the highest nobility, so he enlisted in the army as a member of the equites, one of the elite army detachments, although it had no military experience whatsoever. In fact, Tercio had to enlist and receive a brief statement from the context of war, especially before a showdown imminent with the forces of Hannibal, which was lashing the peninsula, in the Roman territory. Although Third honorably answered the call of the war, his intentions were clear of the legions and campaigns. He was a young scholar and serene, a lover of Greek philosophy, whose purpose was to follow a cursus honorum to take him to the Senate seats. However, the war also encouraged in him a spirit of adventure and daring, and most of all was a young man like any other.

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