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A temporary residence permit is a certain status, which is issued to a foreign citizen or stateless person for a period of three years in the form of a standard mastic stamp a document certifying applicant’s identity and as a separate document, a stateless person. Temporary residence – allows a foreign citizen to reside and engage in labor activities in the regions of Russia, where he is allowed to temporarily reside. A foreign citizen has no right to change the subject, in which he is allowed to reside temporarily. Obtaining permission for temporary residence in the territorial jurisdiction of the Federal authority in the field of migration and is regulated by Government Decree 789. It is important to know that a temporary stay does not exempt foreign nationals from obtaining a work permit for employment activities in the Russian Federation. Temporarily residing foreign citizen shall enjoy the same rights as citizens of the Russian Federation and equal responsibilities. A temporary residence permit provides two procedures for obtaining, in view of quotas and without it.

What do you mean with and without it: without quotas, meaning no need for it, therefore, a foreign citizen who decides to get temporary residence without quotas, should be the basis, in accordance with Federal law. Consider the first order, taking into account the quota for Moscow: Each year the Russian government says the number of quota Considering the demographic situation in each subject of the Russian Federation.

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