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Among the Russian artists of the Wanderers is remarkably pure stands Vasnetsov, in his own childhood joy. As in other words will convey the tremendous attraction to the popular fairy tales, and not foreign, but only our people, or close to them tales of our writers? Only they – the creator of the picture can be called by Vasnetsov in some way hallmark epic of Russia, an amazing mixture of heroic and lyrical motifs. Any of the Wanderers in their own way expressing love for Russia. For this reason, this group of talented artists and today really touched the hearts of those people that look at old paintings. Think about the size of today throughout the Light symbolizes the Russian Federation? It is certainly unusual for the power of thought and strength of emotions creation.

And not because warriors threatening or aggressive. It is not so. Their grandeur, their power – in the quest for peace, that is the force Russian people. As they say, our people are harnessed a lot of time, but fast gallop. All invaders that at various times tried to pick up our cities themselves have felt so much power in his own skin. Aspiring for peace Russian peasants fought to the death of the Russian land, not sparing anyone.

Master painting Vasnetsov and his paintings – a special cast of our soul, its complete image. What do you think about Alenushka? How can you not empathize with the beauty that not inspected for Ivanushka, my brother? The brightness of the image Alyonushka, vivacity and veracity of the image just perfect. And the other characters that are displayed on the works of art creator Vasnetsov, ranging from old, Inmates corners and ending three well-known heroes and Ivan Tsarevich the gray wolf, these characters – the real thing. It is not changed, but the drawn characters academic works of the painter's contemporaries. These are fabulous characters, prototypes of which were residents of this land, its children. What is characteristic: the first works by Vasnetsov, not referring, of course, program of the Academy of Fine Arts, where the more common images are not too pleasant, even funny. This merchant family in the theater, and various other images. And a bit of melancholy, so peculiar paintings Vasily Perov, who later did nothing more than a social expose the main theme of his creativity in the work of Viktor Vasnetsov, it was not fixed. Probably because certain maturity gave a hint of soul artist, that art is yet to give pleasure, rather than simply to call for thoughts about the negative realities world. And Vasnetsov made a personal choice, his paintings give pleasure.

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