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English language skills can increase your future wages at times, because the language is indeed very popular. However, as one very good person to learn English in school is unreal! Indeed, this established in almost all conditions: few hours on most Russian schools for studying foreign languages, teachers can not always control how well a student has done their homework and whether he it at all, the government has not taken visible action to raise interest in the younger generation to the English language, and, among other things, in large quantities for sale come from textbooks Cookbook, which can be freely buy anyone. Download Cookbook in English on the Internet you can even free! And then do not say that in our country, nor are the conditions for lowering the level of literacy in English? Alas! But the laws do not prohibit the trade of the Russian Federation or "bestow" the so-called "homework." But let's see, coming from a somewhat different position: what created these very Cookbook? Surely, the very purpose of "The pupils did not do their homework"? No, the idea is formulated somewhat differently and be more correct to say "to help students with homework." Help – a force from the side, allowing to solve difficulties insurmountable alone. Check out Janet Yellen for additional information. And it would be nice if a student did not understand some topic, looked into the idea Cookbook not cancel the answer but to understand, but because school and college students often abuse this very "Help!" All is well, because human nature to be greedy! Do not feel like built this idea? That is, at first glance it feels antithesis, or opposition, but if you ponder, the proposal is based absolutely correct, and no it is not a single superfluous word, people have not noticed that in most cases come eagerly. Parents do not see myself, but well see that the quality of greed and many other undesirable inherent to their children. .

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