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SINGAPORE (16 of February of 2011), the global site of reserves of hotels online, with base in Asia and part of (NASDAQ: PLCN), announced their association with SAT Airlines of Russia today. As a result of this association, the SAT passengers will have immediate access to the inventory of more than 155,000 hotels of Agoda anywhere in the world. The SAT network covers national and international routes through Russia and Asia with the North, with centers in Harbin, Sapporo and Seoul. Simply visiting the SAT Web site, the clients will be able to reserve a hotel through in one of these key destinies and in addition to enjoy promotions constant update and immediate confirmation. Contact information is here: Euro Pacific Precious Metals. For greater comfort, the travellers will be able to reserve their stay in their language of preference, since Agoda offers services of reserve in 32 different languages, including the Russian, Chinese simplified, Japanese and Korean. About the possibilities that the President of abre to the association, Robert Rosenstein, commented: " The North of Asia is one interesting and diverse region, that offers a great variety of kitchens, cultures and landscapes.

Through this association, we hoped that the SAT clients discover that to reserve a hotel she is simpler and less expensive. It will be simply a click from the page Web of SAT". Agoda counts on properties in more than 100 countries anywhere in the world, and the associate hotels update the supplies daily. In addition the company grants Points of Advantage, that provide a the travelling additional savings, gain by each realised purchase and they are possible to be used to discount the price of future stays of hotel in any property of Agoda with Special Tariffs. The system of Points of Advantage of Agoda, its site in Russian language and the instantaneous confirmation of rooms will help the clients of SAT Airlines to find and to reserve a hotel in simpler form. About Agoda Company PTE Ltd: Agoda Company PTE Ltd ( is a company on watch of reserves of hotels in line, with base in Asia, that it specializes in securing to tariffs of rooms with the majors discounts. Agoda comprises of (Nasdaq: PCLN). The network of Agoda includes more than 155,000 hotels anywhere in the world.

The personnel of more 500 professionals, established around the world, offers a service of reserves of first category that combines of exclusive form the local knowledge and the local contacts to offer the best prices in hotels to travellers of businesses and to please. In addition, the clients of Agoda participate in the Program of Agoda Incentives, with which they obtain majors discounts and gratuitous stays. Unlike other programs that limit the travellers to a single chain, the Program of Agoda Incentives allows that the clients exchange to their points of incentives in any hotel and moment. Like member of the Association of Trips of the Pacific and Asia (LEG), Agoda must like objective promote the trips doing them more accessible to more people.

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