I don’t want to go to school! They finished the holidays. March, the month of commencement of classes. For some children, synonymous with joy and excitement by reunited with classmates and friends of games and adventures, meet their new teachers and professors, for wearing their new school supplies. For others, an experience which is located far from the fun and that can get to transform into a really unpleasant experience. For the parents of these children, a situation difficult to cope with many times before which are overwhelmed and disoriented. I don’t want to go to school! Or what is the same: it hurts the tummy, I have a headache, I feel like vomiting, are phrases that lead to one and another day of absences. More pain, more absences that are converted in a vicious circle that causes increased stress in the given child allowing the accumulation of absences do not keep pace with school and fulfil its tasks in an appropriate manner.

And on the parents because they must deal with a child who protest, cries or that you don’t want to get up early, that takes in changed, take your breakfast, among other many behaviors that can be seen in slow motion and that they generate a large family upset. What parents can do in these cases? First, try to find the reason by which the child does not want the College. If he complains of frequent physical pain, consult with your pediatrician can be a good measure to rule out any type of pathology. If the clinical Checkup indicates that small has a good state of health, then it is necessary to consider other alternatives. How is the child relates with their peers? Sometimes children do not have good relationship with their peers, argue, fight, and cannot find way to solve the situation. Feel safe at school or harassed or intimidated by someone can be found? You can complete the single task or need further assistance to do so? I suspect that my child have a learning problem? How do I see your emotional state? It perceive anxious, depressive, decentralized, with fears? There are stressors in the family? Disputes of parents, divorce, death of a close family member? It is essential to identify the cause of the problem to take action immediately in order to prevent greater difficulties.

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