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The Internet offers various possibilities to shop. So clearly the trend for online shopping grows, so varied and numerous are the methods to secure in the vastness of the Internet, the right product at the best price. After a two year development phase in August 2007 saw the launch of the online marketplace. Initiated by the two entrepreneurs Sascha Tiebel and Christoph Gruschka from the Cologne region is the new Internet portal, both novice and “pro-selling” offer an interesting platform. For search for the mo-market principle, the ambitious Internet user to their desired products is over – they find him. While price comparisons, auction houses and search engines already offer a variety of ways, the online marketplace promises under a new, relaxed way of shopping. The principle is simple: If you are looking for a product or collector’s item, log in Mo-to-market, make an inquiry notice with a title, picture and description in the appropriate category and determine how long your ad is listed.

This is your work done and you can relax and enjoy your life, while other mo-market users to offer you the desired product, and it may even undercut the price. A summary of tenders received you will receive regular e-mail or by looking in your personal user area market at mo. At the end of the ad duration, you have three options: they can only accept one offer or multiple offers to extend the search engine or terminate the inquiry notice without penalty. Shortly after the launch of over 100 Internet Want to were switched. A sign that the new marketplace idea in the online audience is well received. Back to the start of the project will receive all new registered users three free Want in a standard format. Ultimately, this mixture of Bulletin and auction portal is certainly of interest to anyone who wants to save time and money.

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