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In the PNP the power of the Director-General is formal and limited thus from an Office and there is no leadership in the bureaucracy.However there are and in reality should not called leaders, but they exist externally with all forms.

The submission of these characters attached to the prebends of the charge and the power they have within the institution by reason of its range is quite perversely position themselves on the cusp, where are only decorative ornament of four stars. In police areas as ours, with cramped in salaries and permanent organic and functional instability, this type of leader is quickly suited to the political sphere, and so we have them communicative and loquacious thanking and honoring the ruler and Minister by shift, every good thing that happens in the PNP, as also quiet, smiling and sparing when given its lack of histrionic qualities yield step to politician to make themselves praise at the expense of the slaughtered good police work. They are certainly dire personal positions and know they are simple characters surviving desvertebrados and claudicantes to the client which put them at the top. With such disability need a cut that ponder them, to justify his stay in Office beyond the values in force and the actual needs of the police organisation, expects something from them but that ignores completely. Internal promotions and charges policy responds to these premises of arribistas and exploited it seconded, in both a persistent professional decomposition will make occasional leader a superb example of the paranoia of power.

A time later, as someone already did, can come to think that the institution without it may not survive. However, the same political system that exalted the short time destituira it doing it abruptly lose its black cloud. This political system that does not tire of repeating in the police command I. And citizen safety? is everyone’s job. And the rights of police officers? is the task of the Police Ombudsman’s Office.

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