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Finished in Moscow specialized exhibition-conference "INFOBEZ-EXPO. The company "Security Code" introduced a full line of certified software and hardware that form a complex comprehensive protection of restricted information. In addition, the developer's product portfolio is now represented a fundamentally new software to protect confidential information, such as commercial secrets or personal data processed in the information systems of companies operating in the commercial market. Within three days of the exhibition of more than 200 students participated in seminars at the stand of "code Security on both new versions of already known products, such as GIS Secret Net, PAK Sobol and APKSH "Continent", and the latest developments of the company: – GIS vGate security of virtual infrastructure based on Systems VMware Infrastructure 3 and VMware vSphere 4 – TrustAccess distributed firewall to protect servers and workstations within the local network from unauthorized network access – a means of detecting intrusions, insider attacks, and unauthorized access to information Honeypot Manager, based on simulated data and the analysis of visitors' access to simulated applications and network services; – SecurityStudio Endpoint Protection, is designed for comprehensive protection of the workplace, manufacturing personal data and confidential information against network intrusions, malware and spam, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Technical Committee for the protection of restricted information – software complex code Security: An inventory for the collection, processing and systematization of information on hardware and software used in the organization. Featured in this year's theme, such as: ensuring the security of personal data line ISPDn financial institutions requirements of the standard STO BR IBBS, as well as information security solutions in enterprise virtual infrastructures and commercial data centers, were made in the reports of experts "Security Code" at meetings and round table conference held during the exhibition. The main intrigue of the exhibition was the competition of new products, "Lions and Gladiators," where "Security Code" introduced a new version vGate. Jury Competition consists of 6 experts, heads of IT and IS departments of major Russian companies, also participated in the contest vGate 5 more products companies StoneSoft, Cisco Systems, -Terra, Huawei Symantec, AltEl. In a tense struggle vGate products from "Security Code" and ScanSafe of Cisco Systems were finalists of the contest by typing an equal number of points from the experts. Two additional rounds were unable to identify a winner, and only vote in the audience with a difference of a few votes in the second set vGate place. General Director of "security code" Alexander Shirmanov said: vGate proved that the software developer can provide high quality and popular product, worthy of competing with international brands."

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