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The number of openings and their location depends on the size of the window, but the extreme corners of the frame of the hole should be located not less than 15 See Viewing the frame should not rigidly fixed, as the material in the window temperature differences significantly changing its dimensions. The installation of each box of medium size leaves about 6 screws. After removing the glazing beads, glass removal, the holes for the screws zasverlivaniya, the frame is ready to frame in ustanovke.Ustanovka window unit. For mechanical mounting frame using tie-plates or construction screws (screws), as the most simple and affordable way. Attachment to the anchor plates must be used if there is thermoinlay in the design window assembly when there is no possibility of mechanical fastening of the frame in the plane of the assembly.

The horizontal position of the frame is performed by adjusting the height of the building wedges, by moving them relative to one another, he checked the horizon of the building level. If everything is correctly exposed, using screws and screwdriver, secure the frame in this position, not screwing the screws on the upper side of the frame. Important! Do not tighten the screws all the way at once, not dovorachivat, screw about 1 cm Why? First, the frame is nowhere fall. Secondly, after the preliminary mounting frame, to check the uniformity of gaps on either side (may have to remove the frame to the right or left). Third, no matter how strong the design window, tapping these dimensions can make a rectangular frame of the barrel. Once the frame is installed, the uniformity of gaps to be satisfactory, horizontal and vertical window is sustained, secure the upper side of the frame screws, gently pull the rest of the screws on the sides of the frame and re-check level and plumb the frame. The slope of the window in the plane of the mounting screws after mounting the top check is meaningless, but in the absence of barrel frame to make sure not to place lishne.Stavim windows.

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