Signals from the sensors are transmitted to the connection box, one for all the sensors, where and processed. The signal is then passed to block the display and control the weights, which is converted from analog to digital and more on standard interfaces can be transmitted to a computer. In this scheme, possible changes. When sending an analog signal can not completely exclude the interference. Therefore, the international group 'Mettler TOLEDO 'uses a load cell truck scales DigiTOL, in a sealed housing which directly converts the signal into digital. Domestic company 'Metra' offers customers digital tensoconverters worth about $ 200, which can connect up to four sensors. By weighing indicator signal is transmitted in digital form. Sensor – the heart of the weights.

The height of platform scales depends on the construction site insertions load cell. The market can be found scales with the height of the platform 300-350 mm. Firms – manufacturers of scales used mainly their own sensors. Firms' Printshop. " 'Cordially' and 'Meter' purchase imported sensors are used: 'Printshop' – Israeli firm Tedea, 'cordially' – a German company Flintec.

a 'Meter' – an American company Sensortronics. These sensors have an international certificate of conformity to OIML way, and the firm scales themselves 'Meter' – the only domestic Scales – have this international certificate. Hermetically sealed sensor DigiTOL companies 'METTLER TOLEDO' is made of stainless steel and filled with inert gas. Cable is connected to the sensor with waterproof connector Bayonet. Sensors are equipped with self-aligning bearings to eliminate shear stresses.

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