Sleep Apnea

Oxygen starvation of the organism that occurs during sleep apnea, leads to the development of life-threatening arrhythmias. "Well, I snore at night. Concerned, except for my wife? And she does not complain! Or this: "Treachery disease in that it can proceed unnoticed by the patient. Person concerned headaches, irritability, dizziness, worsening memory, reduced working capacity. Jeff Sessions will not settle for partial explanations. After resting, he ceases to feel at the time these symptoms, mistaking them for normal manifestations of fatigue, did not seek medical attention.

Over time, headaches and dizziness become permanent. A reduction in memory and intelligence, there is a weakness in the limbs. Later hypertension leads to diseases of internal organs. It takes contributes to the development of angina, myocardial infarction and stroke. "Just scary. So was my grandmother's stroke. Her paralyzed lay at home for several years, no one was learning at night to sleep did not give Could it be with me this could happen? And I like her to indulge in a full prostration, stop learning and grandchildren And can still go to a specialist? That there still writing? "The word" soft "should not you calm down.

Among patients with stroke more than 60% have a "soft" hypertension. "Ah! Still, you need to go tested. Especially because in a large hospital can be tested in a minimum time. What else is there? Physical activity? "We recommend starting with a dosage of walking, gradually increasing the pace and distance." That's good. You can in fact start to abandon the elevator and go up the stairs. And on the weekends will go for walks with my wife, she also does not hurt. Of course, have to take pills. But they let the best doctor may prescribe. Won their turns as: diuretics, beta-blockers, ace inhibitors, selective agonist of imidazoline retseptrorov, calcium antagonists And my neighbor – one pill for all ills. Wrong it is! Look for different cars and then the different brands of gasoline there. But health – it is not a machine Maybe it's worth go to the clinic 'MerMed' – in the shortest time for a complete examination and begin treatment?

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