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So for those who have not yet fully figured out with their vital position in your career, it is suggested the material – namely, earnings on the payment terminal. Despite all the difficulties in mastering this kind of small business, he still – still holds a special place. And now dwell on it in detail … We begin with prehistory. In 2009 our State was decided to give force to combat payment terminals due to the opacity of the business and For this purpose decided to install on all payment terminals so-called fiscal registers, ie, devices that record each payment received on a special tape. Technology author might disagree with that approach. This is somewhat more costly price payment terminals and reduce the attractiveness of the market for smaller players.

However, in many parts of this business is still quite attractive, because of incomplete employment niches and opportunities installed on a terminal program with lotteries and money games. For those who do not know, the payment terminal is a metal case with a touch screen, which shows icons operators, etc. And also equipped with a bill acceptor. These three types: portable, in the premises for the street. What details please for this kind of small business: place where best to set the terminal; Conclude lease space on which you want to install terminal; Choose the type of terminal and billing system; and finally connect to the selected payment system.

Income: Income from ads (you can set ad banner to the terminal) Income from the terminal, located in a good location is up to 100.000 USD per month. It is true that in big cities all excellent places have long been occupied. But even in a place not very straight form the terminal will bring order of 15.000 rubles per month net profit, not bad, considering that the terminal is virtually maintenance free. We also note that the installation of the terminal does not require a license or special permission of power. Bonuses from the companies in whose interest payments are accepted (they usually cover the cost of electricity, communications and rent). The Commission, charged with receiving payments. Costs: Rent – from 2000-3000 rubles per unit per month. Purchase Terminal – from 45.000 to 150.000 rubles stationary, from portable 12.000 rubles. Fee Payment System for making payments Payment to the bank for carrying from one account to another Taxes – 6% of turnover (turnover under means only the sum of the parts of which remains to you after the payment, that is, the amount of your commission. Roughly speaking, if you take clients a 5% commission, then the situation in the terminal $ 100 you pay tax 100 * 5% * 6% = 30 cents). Fee (Internet wireless modem) – 500 rubles per month. Despite all the disadvantages of this type of small business law, he is worthy of its existence, well, I can do is just to wish good luck to learn.

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