Small Business Loan

But the fund is entrusted to the banks only for customers who start businesses in the sphere of high technologies. In addition, recently broke a liquidity crisis forced all banks to refocus their attention on the adequacy of their systems for risk assessment. Therefore, mass lending start-up in the near future we should not wait – very high risk. Move in this direction is bound to be, but careful, balanced, with clear delineation of prospective industries – particularly if they receive a national priority and support. Dmitry Golubkov, Director of Small Business Loan 'Uniastrum Banka'Bezuslovno, it will be a catalyst for bank lending to small businesses.

Currently, an increasing number of banks pay look at the small and medium businesses. Accordingly, increasing competition and the banks are forced to offer new products to borrowers, including the opening of business. 'Uniastrum Bank' now lends to projects related to opening new lines of business. If the client is engaged in trade and plans to open a new direction – for example, transportation – we analyze existing business and if we see that the business is stable, then give funds for the development of a new direction. If the client for any reason a new project fails, then the operating business will allow him to repay the loan. With regard to credit absolutely starting projects, yet we are not going to take that risk. Perhaps in the future, provided that the client will participate with its own funds in an amount not less than 30-50%, we will also consider projects.

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