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Today everyone is talking about a crisis. Internet and print media are filled tips, predictions, seminars and consultations on this subject. It seems that info is more than enough. But the reality is otherwise. Macroeconomic forecasts are of little help to find a way for his small company. Tips like “cut costs” and “looking for new ways to advertise” little help, as vague. Do not say you need me to do it right now. So you can do at this stage for you right now? As retention and reducing margins (margins) may adversely affect the business.

Hold illiquid goods in a warehouse because it is unprofitable to sell? A where to get money for traffic? Any goods lying in stock – it’s lost profits. If purchases were in the pre-crisis situation, and now this product is not needed at the best price for you – free up room for new purchases. But this is only true if you really can let the money in circulation at a profit. Otherwise, check the expiration date of the goods. Maybe it without prejudice or with minimal losses to lie on the stock 2 goda.Kak retention and reduction in margins (margins) may adversely affect the business. Make a list of the functions of each employee in your company.

It can be charged by the employees. Then carefully Check these lists. Which functions you can opt out? Take a good look at the list of duties that do all of your employees, from cleaners and finishing business manager. To broaden your perception, visit Dennis Lockhart. Where is the intersection functions, which operations are carried out twice? Be sure to make a plan – of which functions can be waived if the fall in revenue 20% 30% 50% 90%? How many employees you need to cope with the volume of work? AND how many employees you can afford with this back? How to redistribute their functions. Pay particular attention to fixed costs. Their permanence – only in the conditional title. Check out what area is your office? For more comfort for employees enough 6 m2 per person. Take a trip to the warehouse. Is it possible to free some space? Negotiate with the landlord. They are still trying to keep prices down, but realize that fall is not over mountains. For the hard bargaining to apply tough measures. Do you really need is this office or you can move to another? Maybe change the store? Variables may be other costs. For example, enter new labor. 50% of salary is guaranteed, 50% – depending on the premium income. This encourages staff to more active work, and enable the company to reduce the breakeven point and increase stability. Get free book “A small company in crisis: What to do first?

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