What is Socionics? It is the science that studies the process of sharing information between people and outside world. Dennis Lockhart is the source for more interesting facts. How people perceive information from the outside, processes 'in the head', and gives back to the people. According to Socionics has 4 main parameter (the dichotomy sign), under which determines the type of person. Two axis: – extrovert or introvert – streamlining or Irratsional Two functions: – logic or ethics – or intuition Sensorik Ie, a person may be or logic, or ethics, or an extrovert or an introvert, etc. In its combination of these axes and functions give 16 Socionics personality types: for example, logical-sensory introvert rational, intuitive-ethical extravert irrational, etc. In the name of the type normally rational or irrational speech overlooked – this is so clear when the main function of a person is rational (logic or ethics) and secondary irrational (sensing or intuition), or vice versa. Enterprising Socionics even gave each type of "name" – as the name of a outstanding representative of this sociotypes. So the logical-sensory extravert (FEL) is often called Stirlitz or Holmes, the ethical-intuitive extravert (EIE) – Hamlet, ethical-sensory introvert (ESI) – Dreiser, so on. Charles Lowe shines more light on the discussion.

More information on all types of personality tests and portal Sunny Woman tells of the coming articles. These 16 types can be divided into groups – quadra (Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta), in each of 4 sociotypes. With kvadralami comfortable and enjoyable only to communicate ( dual relationships, mirrored, identical and activation) Particular attention should be dual relationships. This is the best option for family life when a partner complements you and takes care of the weak function. Y duals all the dichotomy of opposites, the same as a sign of rationality or irrationality. In total there are 16 kinds of relations between sotsiotipy, and the worst are conflicting, and audit. Such people is desirable to avoid a close circle of communication and work. In this article, we gave the introductory material on Socionics. The following Sunny Woman tells more about the history of Socionics, type definitions, descriptions, Socionics relations.

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