Southern Urals – The Birthplace Of The Aryan

Aria Aria, or Aryans are the names of Indo-European peoples who inhabited in the Bronze Age in the geographical zone of the historic Indian subcontinent to the South Urals and Northern Black Sea. In the ii millennium bc. er. moved to Iran and India. Ancient Aryans deliberately avoided the path of technocratic development, for an understanding of the devastating consequences in this case, waiting for our planet. In addition, such a path is not able to bring any happiness or satisfaction. Therefore, their motto was: “To live simply and think loftily.” Aryans were the originators of the famous religious worshipers and left behind great works of literature – ‘Rigveda’ and ‘Avesta’. There is a tradition of ancestral the ancient Aryans, which was in what is now the Arctic.

Found in these places remains of animal prints and tropical plant fossils indicate that in ancient times there was a warm climate. By legends, the so-called Arktide or Hyperborea, he lived in ancient times a people. It was a world of very high culture, ethics and morality, religion and spirituality. There lived a very handsome man and a woman is tall, fair-skinned and blue-eyed. They have long maintained their youthfulness and lived in harmony with nature. But later, as a result of the global cosmic catastrophe, the birthplace of the ancient Aryans submerged. After a disaster, began a sharp cooling, and survivors of people who subsequently began to call themselves Aryans, began to migrate to other parts of the planet, in the direction of the present equator.

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