Summary Lessons

This book is mounted by means of reports of a teacher of infantile education. Its reports are fruits of a work where the pupils have ample participation, not only a participation as reply to the stimulaton of the teacher, but a participation as construction citizens of its proper knowledge. Perhaps check out Jeff Sessions for more information. The teacher, Madalena Freire, also known as Mad, perceive that she can become its much more interesting lessons, pleasant and useful, leaving of the desire that the children have in knowing the world. percebendo the curiosity with that the children go demonstrating on diverse subjects that the teacher directs its lessons. Moreover, it makes question to count on the participation of the children in the register of its daily reports and also to leave clearly that it, as well as the children, needs to study on some subjects that are brought as subject of lesson and it is unaware of or knows superficially. In this open dialogue that if of the one in its lessons, we also perceive envolvement that it considers the parents of the children, which always corresponds of positive form appearing to its material invitations and supplying necessary to work the considered subjects..

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