Suspended Ceilings

One of the benefits of suspended ceilings is the ease of ease of care. If your home or office installed a suspended ceiling, it will never bring you the hassle. Method of cleaning the ceiling in many ways determined by its type. For gypsum-cardboard ceiling is used primarily by the dry method of cleaning. Spatter on the ceiling dust is easily removed with a dry cloth, cloth or vacuum cleaner. If you have installed water-resistant home gypsum-cardboard ceiling, it can be cleaned and wet: Dust wipe well-wrung cloth, pre-soaked in water with dissolved detergent. Credit: author-2011. Much easier to clean modular suspended ceilings, as individual panels or cassettes can be easily removed without having to disassemble the entire ceiling. Care moisture resistant ceiling material for plug-in modules can serve as a mineral fiber, aluminum or stainless steel.

All of them possess high resistance to moisture, so their treatment can safely use the wet method. One thing to remember when cleaning the ceiling – do not use abrasive cleaners substances that can scratch the surface. Modules of the mineral wool should be washed carefully, well-wrung cloth. Removable tape or slats of aluminum and stainless steel can be cleaned even under water. Even if you are on negligently flooded neighbors from above, your cassette or rack suspended ceiling is not threatened.

Unlike standard ceilings, which are formed unsightly spots and who will then re-blanching, Ceilings are not afraid of water. All that is required of you in this situation – remove the panel to drain water from them and wipe the surface dry with a cloth or napkin. In this case, you can be sure that the ceiling is no Divorce does not remain. To remove contamination from the ceiling, you can use liquid cleaners or simply a solution of soapy water. The spots are also easily removed by an ordinary eraser. Special care in some institutions (eg hospitals) to ceilings are increased hygiene requirements. In this case, to clean the ceiling will be used disinfectants. In order to reduce the time spent the cleaning of such premises, they are installed cassette ceilings with concealed suspension system. They do not allow dirt and dust, thus completely eliminating the need for daily cleaning. As you can see, hanging ceiling completely unpretentious in use. Observing some simple rules for the care and timely clearing it of dust and grime, you will not experience any difficulties with its operation. Suspended ceilings require its owner a minimum of effort while providing maximum comfort and durability, and having an attractive modern appearance.

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