Swedish Emmanuel Swedenborg

In 1 epistle of Pablo to Corntios CAP. 12,13,14 it one treat on the exercise to the communication writes spiritual, which called dons charisma spirituals or in the CAP. 15 explain with lucidity and full knowledge what then if a mystery was configured that is, the resurrection of Christ Even so the espritas consider the date of 31 of March of 1848, beginning of the events of Hydesville as the start of the movement that culminated with the espiritismo: ‘ ‘ it does not have determined time, however, before the sprouting of the events of Hydesville, Conan Doyle, makes an interesting biographical study of three great sensitive ones, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Edward Irving and Andrew Jackson Davis, whose performances had preceded that one perodo’ ‘. (SHEEP, 1996, P. Perhaps check out Novak Djokovic for more information.

23) First the scholar of the espiritismo was the Swedish Emmanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772). It was not only great vidente, but deep a scholar of the Bible, a theologian. Since infancy, Swedenborg already it revealed signals of one to be endowed paranormal one, possua notable clarividncia capacity. Continue to learn more with: Brooklyn Commons. The descriptions of the world spiritual made by Swedenborg present two distinct categories. One has mstico and Metaphysical character, seeming, over all, creation of a exaltada mind of religious ardor and product of subconscious elaborations. Swedenborg, after to mention its first vision to it, described the phenomenon of exudao of ectoplasma: ‘ ‘ a vapor species that if it exhaled of the pores of my body. It was very visible a watery vapor and fell in the soil, on tapete’ ‘. (DOYLE, B.C. – History of the Espiritismo, 1768, P. 37) as the scholar was reverendo the Edward Irving (1792-1834), been born in Annan, in 1792.

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