Sxhibition Elements

The next stages of this phase of the project are to analyze the submitted items, clarify the requirements for their demonstrations, defined by the size of presentation space, places for negotiation and outbuildings, demonstration zones, which serve to demonstrate the exhibits or advertising, including monitors, projection screens, etc. Depending on the purpose of the participation of firms in the exhibition space for negotiations may be submitted specially designated open or closed areas, places for sitting or private and spacious rooms. And, of course, to communicate on the stand can be equipped with tables, reception, coffee tables for visitors. As am sorry to give precious exhibition square footage under the barns, but the neglect of this important area will lead to the fact that the exhibition will look messy because of the arranged boxes everywhere handouts and outerwear stand staff. Storeroom on the stand – is, first of all, warehouse space for promotional materials, etc.

Further, assuming that is primarily at the booth, is determined relationship between the presentation area and space allocated for negotiations and outbuildings. Percentage of these areas together can conditionally classified stands out: (more negotiations than show exhibits); trade (more exhibits than negotiating); mixed (it is important to both). Having defined the zones begin to plan the alleged filling of these zones, exhibition equipment. Development of design project. First, define the overall concept design exhibition stand. The concept of the stand – it is everything that creates a unique stand that will clothe our band in a worthy architectural and artistic design, creative exploration of the design solution, which should harmoniously combine the image of the exhibitor, the alleged artistic image with the elements of the technical implementation of the project.

But, more importantly, this artistic and technical solution should allocate exhibitors from competitors and attract visitors to its stand it, its goods and services. Technical design. Currently, there is tendency to minimize the use of standard exhibition equipment. Sometimes there are technical barns included in the draft. Technical project includes: the necessary technical calculations and working drawings for the manufacture of custom designs, design elements, electrical wiring diagrams of lighting, equipment, design elements and artifacts of the stand; installation scheme on the stand acoustic systems. In many cases, the practical implementation of cost reduction achieved by the stand proper and rational selection of equipment, and this decrease has no effect on the functional and artistic characteristics of the stand. At this stage of the design of the stand is over and, after all approvals, there comes another important step – making the stand, its installation and, in fact, work at the exhibition.

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