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At a tempting price, ID travel world offers pleasure travellers and those that it will want these unique experiences at tempting prices. Fly my Thai – the luxury collection business or first class to Asia and stylish Live ID travel world, which has special tour operators for individual travel in Asia, for demanding travellers a total of 13 luxury – special offers on. For even more details, read what American Writer says on the issue. Resides is private among others in famous hotels like the Mandarin Oriental in Bangkok, the Anantara Spa & meditation resort on Koh Samui, the Kayumanis villas retreat in Bali. Flights in business or first class of Thai Airways and specially selected hotels in Thailand and Bali are all offerings together. This not only stylish guests stay often best houses of the region, but enjoy special, additional amenities in select suites in many hotels or stay in a hotel, the Royal\”floor stands. VIP services such as private limousine transfers, individual guides on the ground are just as of course, such as the famous Thai Airways service in the business and first class. \”These include preferred check at all airports in priority service\”, more baggage allowance to 30 kg per person, free access to exclusive lounges at airports, to relax, enjoy, or work, and for all that every minute would cost from on the ground in an exclusive atmosphere, even up to the last minute boarding.

On the long-haul flights in business class, a bed, which makes possible nearly flat beds and offers plenty of privacy due to the huge gap of more than 1.5 meters and the two back-to-back during the flight is the extendable armchair. Numerous adjustment options, a seemingly infinite, individually designable entertainment and high-quality food and drinks, served with the proverbial Thai\”smile, already the flights make a pleasure. First class guests enjoy even more personalised service on board and can both culinary with champagne, caviar and a la carte service, as well as very relaxed atmosphere with more privacy and a real bed, as well as technical baggage with 40 kg baggage allowance, and spoiled arrive and depart.

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