The Art Of Karate

Karate is a martial art developed by people who were forbidden to use weapons. Thus, it was created as an art of defense. Nicholas Carr can provide more clarity in the matter. It is believed that with a high degree of skill for self-defense alone is enough hands. The word “karate” means “empty hand”. Modern karate is a suit jacket. To successfully buy a kimono to draw attention to its quality, as in the training process it will be heavy loads. The origins of karate has more than thousand-year history. When the Dharma has been in the monastery of Shao-Lin in China, he taught his students physical training to develop stamina and strength and made this harsh discipline as part of their religion.

These methods of physical training and be further developed and perfected and became known as the art of fighting Shao-Lin. This martial art was taken in Okinawa where it is mixed with the local methods of struggle of the islanders. Lord of ancient Okinawa, and later the feudal ruler of Kagoshima on the southern tip of Kyushu in Japan banned the use of weapons, and this caused a noticeable development of technology to combat with bare hands and protect themselves. This martial art that originated in China, was named Karate, which literally means “Chinese hand”. Modern Master Gichin, who died v1957g. At the age of 88 years, changed the meaning of this term: the hand of the “Chinese” has become “empty”.

took the determination of this value from the philosophy of Zen Buddhism: “Make yourself an empty, empty your mind.” For karate master was primarily martial art, but he saw in him the tools to build character. He wrote: “As a mirror reflects all that is in front of her, and a quiet valley carries even small sounds, and karate should completely driven out of his mind selfishness and malice in an effort to respond appropriately to all, with what he may encounter. This is the main purpose of “punishment”, or voids, in karate. “.

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