The Concept

This is a total lack of common sense and ethics “Modern business”, plain and sad situation, as well as failure to understand that real estate itself has only the value that she gave a capable, skilled and energetic people who have created their own labor and the importance of certain value for it. And that the defeat of any project is reduced to the following factors: 1) insufficient funding 2) inappropriate or ineffective use it 3) the first and second together, but very carefully and with great the naive hope of success (or God). The third point – it’s just an ordinary and popular model in two areas – real estate and politics. It is difficult to whatever poorly understood. In fact, sales (anything but real estate – even more so), it discovery demand or create it and then it increased up to the moment of exchange (payment). That’s it! But this is a clear and orderly algorithm functions of the seller. But no leader, or the more a mediator that the concept of it has not, and can not have by definition a mediator.

Open the dictionary: a person involved in the negotiations of the parties – the mediator. The basic definition of the word. This is NOT sales. It is NOT the seller. It all comes down to the case where you can participate. Therefore, the agency / facilitator for the “buoyancy” to a lot of applications, from 300 or more per unit of time.

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