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This was the question I made a friend who just are starting their blog, and honestly is the same one that also makes a few weeks I me towards, is to write this post I have to be totally honest, and I will start by asking you the following: to who likes gifts? I imagine that everyone, in that we agree especially if it is receiving them. Now taking this topic to your business over the internet, is a good strategy to start to give you to know in this environment or do any promotion we offer ebooks, audios, videos, etc., etc.. for which our visitors add their data voluntarily, this in addition to sharing information with them every week or frequently. I’ll give an example: I gift an eBook by subscribing to my newsletter, however also them I am sharing information every Tuesday, which has to do with business from home and make money online, with this I mean that all give some information that our subscribers benefit from this and we grow our list of prospects, this is reciprocal, while gifts and free information still won’t have problem, since if it is free because we grasp it, as said my mother given to train the problem is when it becomes a habit. And sometimes happens; when you offer them to purchase your product or service, simply given unsubscribe from your list, because? that is the fear that the majority we have at the beginning, do not want to lose anyone from our list and when they unsubscribe may even blame you and think that these missing a potential customer, well here I have the truth you dear reader and better yet Let’s analyse the causes into three parts more possible. Because they do not pay for a service or product by not finding that ideal customer the most cases is because you’ve not spent to find that client that is willing to pay to have a solution to your problem, begins to do a poll to find out if people are willing to pay for what you provide them with, if they have free access to your same information, it is not necessary that tell you to where tweak, here we must offer a plus, give something that really pull that future client to remove your card, prior to offer assurance that acquire, once you have a satisfied customer, it is very likely to return with you everytime you launch or promuevas a new product, I assure you that when you find this kindof clients or you noticed in those who seek everything free be by that are not available or not they want to buy it, so simple.

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