The First

The centralization of the problem if of now in two direct ways for the overcoming of the truth that if leads to meet with the nothing. The first way is the existence of the nothing, the originary search of a reality of place release. Heidegger investigates ' ' vazio' ' ' ' falta' '. The emptiness is not a nothing, is not also a lack. The nothing for Heidegger is not an emptiness or a lack and yes an absence, that allows in them to say that already it was there Or that still it will arrive only at the moment of ' ' ' ' still it is or it was absent, absent does not say that he is empty much less lacks, here we arrive at a type of ndica existencialidade.

When we approach in them to the heideggeriana idea of the nothing, is inevitable not to cover its workmanship ' ' what is Metaphysical? ' ' , where in the elaboration of this question, it is interrogated: ' ' What is the nothing? ' '. ' ' Heidegger still adds: Therefore the nothing is the negation of the totality of the being, absolutely not? ente' ' , thus emptying is a type of absence. The esvaziamento of something says that: at some moment it was there, and that perhaps it comes back if to fill, thus it is the absence, it was and it left to be, with the return possibility, and will be in this return that the ndico development if transforms into reality clarity, that is, existence. The intention of the question is to look the truth in itself, altheia as making uneven for the Real. The second way is of ' ' constatao' ' , and the true purpose of the overcoming heideggeriana metaphysics, to remove the nothing, an existing time already, of the Real that is real.

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