The Great Dictator Text

The actor could not be nailing against ' ' values superiores' ' from the Americans, being I banish from the country. Let us see the speech: The Last Speech Of the film: The Great Dictator Text and film of Charles Chaplin Text of the Speech Forgives! My craft is not this. I do not intend to govern or to conquer who wants that it is. It would like to help – possible – Jewish, heathen black the white ones. All we desire to help ones to the others. The human beings are thus.

We desire to live for the happiness of the next one – its misfortune does not stop. Why we have to hate or to disdain ones to the others? In this world it has space for all. The land, that is good and rich, can provide all our necessities. The way of the life can be of the freedom and of beauty, however we embezzle in them. It covets it poisoned the soul of the man raised in the world the walls of the hatred and them has made to march the step of goose for the misery and the massacres. We create the time of the speed, but in we feel prisoners to them of it inside. The machine, that produces abundance, them has left in shortage. Our knowledge had made them skeptical; our intelligence, empedernidos and cruel.

We think about surplus and we feel well little. More than what machines, we need humanity. More than what intelligence, we need affection and doura. Without these two virtues, the life will be of violence and everything will be lost. Aviation and the radio had been come close much more. The next nature to these things is one appeals eloquent to the goodness it man one appeals to the universal fraternity to the union all we. In this exactly instant my voice arrives the millions of people for the world measures desperate millions of, men, women, criancinhas victims of a system that tortures human beings it jails innocent.

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