The Human

Freedom applied as the liberation of the slave, the subject and many others, who despite living in a democratic system live enslaved in their minds. It is authentically free when we are able to decide for ourselves. Freedom is self-determination and responsibility, and is the only way to satisfy the deepest need of the human being who seeks, in essence, good and happiness. Thus, in a company should be appointment human beings who use of their freedom be associated to achieve good, generate wealth, satisfy a need in the community and wish to create a space to promote the full realization of the human being. First a leader of excellence commitment is to responsibly assume their own freedom, not be reactive to received stimuli and decide in each action what to do, and not be carried away as a weather vane according to the winds, in favour or against, must assume the direction of his own life, always finding the reasons, why should or do each action performed, you should aspire to manifest your greatness in every moment of his life, maintaining the rudder of his existence, his capacity of decision gives you direction and willingness and character strength to do all what it proposes. Another concept that duty we often handle excellence is excess, in the best concept.

The company which is exceeded, which gives more than normal and common, enters excellence. If a person is exceeded in timeliness, delivery, accountability, and so on, it is far beyond the ordinary. The connotation of the word excess that has been used is negative. If it is used positively, as we have detailed, its meaning would be more rich and productive. If an individual is not exceeded in anything in your life, it will be a mediocre person. If a company manufactures photocopiers so that they do not require repair, provided a good service without the assistance of technicians, supervisors, etc., we are before a company giving in excess. But you should be careful of that other organizations do not give too much that our business has given; If so, we are obliged to give the excess and find always give a surplus. The difference between nine and ten lies also in the excess.

In sports competitions, it is very clear because there is always a world record that is finally overtaken by someone who Immortalizes a new brand. This example reveals the dynamic which is excellence. Excellence is not a goal; something is to what it arrives and you have to be trying and getting continually. Excellence should be conceived as a lifestyle; a way of being incorporated into the habits of people.

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