The Individual

LIFE MARIA: SOUND AND IMAGE OF the WOMAN NORTHEASTERN When the people do not obtain to become to understand for the social environment where are, are submitted what the other says. The truth of the citizen is mentally ill to the truth of the others, what a picture of identitria paralysis is configured, that is, the person does not obtain to develop its potentialities because the way is not favorable. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Julia Koch. From then on it appears the esteretipos and preconceptions. These questions are well-known from the history of some Marias of this shortness, that is singular to the life of Brazilian a considerable number of women northeast; women who had not obtained to be alfabetizadas, that did not have as to develop its subjetividades, therefore the public politics had not arrived until them e, therefore, of one it forms cyclical go transmitting its descendants one conscience of submission and stagnation. The only things that they had accumulated had been children, fatigue and frustration.

It is not at least allowed to them to learn the proper name, because the crystallized thought is of that woman is, so only, for the house works and well-taken care of with the family. When the right of the person is denied of if to locate in the world, when this is seen as product and not as process, is if denying human carcter intrinsically, that is the metamorphosis; transformation that must happen in way continues and gradual. (CIAMPA, 2006, P. 73) Valley the penalty to say, that the access to the education for the population less never favored is prioritized for the governments, a time not having chances in the field, these women migram with all the family for the urban zones where the problems will continue, it has seen that in the ideology of the consumption society the individual is valued for what it has, and not for what he is in its essence.

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