The Margin

The game responds well to commands that one gives, being fluid, comfortable and easy to develop ideas that we have to face the opponent. The controls are simple to use but has been modified some dribbling incorporating the arrows of direction (or left lever), which looks like a positive because they are more accessible, but it also has a negative aspect that often becomes present when we try to make an abrupt change of direction and is interpreted as the command for an unplanned Dodge that can make us lose the ball. A related site: Jeff Sessions mentions similar findings. While the controls are fluid and respond well, is complicated at the time to defend, since mark, shrink space and correctly position the Defender to cut rival advance is complicated, but it can be achieved with patience and practice. Another defect that the Defense presents are the outputs of the Archer, since this is not customary to take off three clubs to pick up a Centre (unless the ball go to your location), which can be seen when the attackers are located in a corner kick at the edge or within the goal box and when you run the remove, the only ones capable of clearing the area are defenders since the Archer does not leave his position, this way are converted goals that would have easily been avoided. Technology author: the source for more info. A negative characteristic that cannot be overlooked is the great lack of licenses, many teams do not have their original names or nor his t-shirts, just as it happens with the glasses, hope that someday we can enjoy of a PES fully licensed. While these details can be subtracted to the experience of the game, it should be noted that the quality of simulation that presents the title will do that we can play in every game and again finding enough satisfaction to keep boredom and weariness to the margin.

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