The Meeting

Venue to organise a successful meeting, is crucial to the choice of the venue. In addition to the local conditions and the availability of a good is the amount of the budget, the capacity of the meeting rooms, to bear in mind the number of participants, as well as the destination itself. Nicholas Carr is often quoted on this topic. In particular, if the participants from abroad are arriving, sufficient accommodation, but also recreational opportunities for any private Supplimentation of should be given. Also, the security aspect should be considered. Numerous hotels, specializing in the Organization of conferences and congresses are available, especially in major cities. In such a meeting hotel you have in addition to the professionalism of the hotel staff, the advantage that all Their guests in this can stay. Meeting offers in Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, and every other city include all items and give such a good overview of the costs.

Plan details the closer comes the day of the meeting, your plans should be more detailed. About half a year before the planned event a specific time should be created. What deadlines must be observed, what deadlines do you have maybe himself, who is responsible for compliance with this? When held the lecture, when the workshop? But also the construction and dismantling of the meeting should be at present already polished and feasible. At least in theory should carry out already this before the meeting, if possible, you should put a few hours to a few days buffer depending on the overall effort. Briefing of the speakers and presenters at this time should be sent also the official invitations to the speakers, exhibitors, and speakers. At the same time with the invitation you should already have a briefing on the Spokesman releasing your session, so that everyone knows when whoever is on the number and what issues should be addressed by whom. You should have discussed in advance the timing with the speakers, so that they know, how much time is available to or but you will be informed how much time will need a lecture.

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