The Rivalry

I.e. things that achieve an advantage for us, in other words is fundamental to have alternatives. Choices usually you give a great power when negotiating. In fact that is, that one how commercial is always in control of the negotiation to ensure an agreement win – win. A point to keep in mind to negotiate form win – win is to use what in English is known as BATNA or its equivalent in Spanish MAAN. When we refer to the term BATNA are talking about the best alternative to a negotiated agreement (MAAN). The BATNA is the option you have if you decide that your negotiation with a given customer has little chance of ending with a favorable outcome. Educate yourself with thoughts from Technology author.

Our BATNA is nothing more than our plan B. It loses in a negotiation who can’t handle his emotions. So having a BATNA, among other things, allows us to be in balance and emotional serenity! This conducive to the client, and one in a subconscious way, is in emotional harmonious State and to avoid destructive clashes and confrontations, which will facilitate reaching a common agreement where both parties win. You can leave a negotiation if your BATNA is better than the foreseeable outcome of this negotiation. The true power of your BATNA is that it gives you the psychological advantage of not having to accept an offer if you don’t want. BATNA is the measure of balance of power in a negotiation.

If the other party you need to achieve your objectives, your BATNA is strong, your negotiating circumstances are favourable. For example, if you want to buy a new car and is on sale at various dealerships, you have a strong BATNA because you can benefit from the rivalry of the competition. Your power lies in your withdrawal alternatives. Before you start any negotiation make sure you have real, viable, options that don’t require you to arrive at an agreement. This will give you authority to defend your own interests and give you security in yourself. Ultimately gain or lose a business depends on your ability of planning and clearness of your goals as well as having reached the negotiation having previously differentiated your product or service. Discover step by step and method that will give you more technical and commercial skills you require to become a seller of first level.

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