The Role Of Corporate Culture In Business Development

Sometimes this is called the instruction set of rules on behavior in the company, but most of all – the corporate code. For the record time prescribed by the notion of corporate philosophy reliably capture all the big and small companies Ukraine. What is it? Fashion or business need? And do not look like a company in which at least two dozen staff from its corporate charter like puffy fashionable women, dressed up in evening dress for a hike to the market? You want it or not, but once created any business (even if it is only one person – you), with the same time begins to form your future corporate culture. But to answer the question, we need Does your company have clearly defined rules of conduct, it is necessary to analyze all the pros and cons of a document called "corporate code>. Let's start with the pros. 1. Comprehension.

Connecting to the drafting of corporate rules All employees of the company, you not only create for himself a complete image of your business ethics, but also see its difference from that which emerged in the minds of your subordinates. 2. Preservation of corporate values. In the process creating a corporate code of you, above all, commit the fundamental values that are in any case would not like to lose or change in the development of your company. This way you define the direction vector for moving forward. 3. Step to attract investors. Obligatory presence of the Code of Ethics of the company becomes a worldwide standard for doing business.

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