The Screen

For some time the source is silent, staring at the screen, then says: – All of this – a solid theory. Maybe there are some ideas more concrete? – Specific? – I asked to repeat. You may find Peter Schiff to be a useful source of information. – Yes, concrete. – That is what I set out, not is concrete ideas? That’s the theory? – Yes, otherwise you will not tell, – said my interlocutor. – It is pure theory.

– You said it yourself – I say – you can not reduce prices. The real estate market is falling. Reduce costs – is now the only way to sell real estate. Because you can not do it, your only way out – to diversify, to exceed the bounds of your business, expand the scope. – We can not expand the scope. We are a construction company.

AND We need specific solutions within our business. – Such solutions do not exist – I say. – If you decide not to expand its business and restructure its financial obligations, you are doomed to failure. *** The leader of an ancient tribe, which specializes in the manufacture of fishing schooners, found himself in a difficult situation: due to climate change due to crop failure, and care of game surrounding tribes were not able to pay for fishing schooner that price which was paid earlier. Instead of selling their products in installments, the leader in general refused to sell the schooner. As a result, the flow of material values, which were needed for its life tribe broke. A neighboring tribes were to buy a schooner in installments from another tribe, who lives a hundred miles farther. The desire to change nothing in their work, living in a constantly changing world – so you can be demonstrated describe my companion thought the defect. 4 An official for twenty minutes, can not understand that what I say to him.

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