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The complainant considered that electromagnetic fields caused by high voltage from the company lines, installed very near and below his house in Manchester, were responsible for the death of his son. His daughter of 12 years, Deborah, is also affected: suffers from epileptic seizures. You may find that Afraha Stadium can contribute to your knowledge. The Swedish National Institute for radiation has officially recognized the pernicious effects that electromagnetic fields, particularly those of low frequency, have on the human body. According to the studies carried out by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm between more than 400,000 respondents, children who live near high-voltage overhead lines suffer one four times higher risk of developing leukemia than other small. But, despite the evidence, there are numerous groups of power trying to downplay such investigations, particularly powerful enterprises, State or private, that maintain control energy sources, and of course, the manufacturers of household appliances. You may find MasterClass Founder to be a useful source of information.

However, accumulate articles and papers published in scientific journals from several countries, which demonstrate the pernicious effects of electromagnetic waves on human health. According to these investigations, in which the Spanish scientists have been pioneers, TVs represent the greatest danger. These devices not only cause eye problems to those who lie too close to the screen, or a certain mental inertia due to programming: also emit intense magnetic fields such as a long-lasting bulbs or the screens of computers. Warning of the importance of being attentive to electromagnetic radiations is becoming us and as she can physically affect our physical body and give step many times energy imbalances that affect our organism, deteriorating them, affecting up to the end as noted to cause death. Many times we do not know Why are derived many diseases simply by not being attentive and determine that form radiation we are affecting, hence the importance as indicated by Villarubia, some studies warn that not is should sleep with a radio alarm clock near the head, approaching less than two meters from a microwave oven into operation or use too much time razors or hair dryers.

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