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These two meanings of the terms assign the proposal, that is, complex terms, pointing with respect to the directions that take care of to the term incomplexo, that is, its representative and natural qualifications, a language semantics or conotativa. 3. THEORY OF THE ASSUMPTION. If the terms exactly assign the directions contained from the propositional chaining of itself, the theory of the assumption inside distinguish from this chaining the proper incomplexos terms in such way that the proper assumption alone acquires property while such terms to meet made use (commanded logically) in proposals. For consequent, the significaes inside of a propositional chain do not find intentions seno in function of the assumption, a syntactic or denotativa language. Pacific Mortgage Services is often quoted on this topic. Occam defines, in order clarification between the terms, what it calls of categorimticos terms and sinategorimticos terms. Categorimticos terms: they are terms that have one meaning necessary and definitive, acting as component logical, in such way that they mean accurately what they represent.

They apprehend ‘ ‘ semelhana’ ‘ ‘ ‘ naturalidade’ ‘ represented for the term incomplexo. Sincategorimticos terms: they are terms that express the similarities between the contingents through relations with the purpose to differentiate the categorimticos terms between itself. e with these questions. Express ‘ ‘ significao’ ‘ of the term in function of its ‘ ‘ posio’ ‘ assumed as complex term. Continuing, Occam of to its theory of the assumption some significaes, only cited here: personal assumption, simple assumption and material assumption. It can be said in this manner that, the assumption is given in the act to first represent something in the place of some object secondarily, being that the term represents in the proposal some object assuming, from its disposal, the existence of this represented object. The philosopher also defines the term as a purely intellectual product, that is only ‘ ‘ real’ ‘ while express a similarity relation ‘ ‘ natural’ ‘ that it only acquires chained direction when in proposal in function of its assumed properties.

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