The Tools

On sites that work always got in this task to specialized people, or savvy marketing and advertising. 2nd. Not only is it important what you see, but what is not, ie the code, the tools we use to make a site fast, interactive, fast, innovative, fast and you "like Google and its team of robots happy (Googlebot, Freshbot, etc). 3rd. Being in google. There are many theories that say Google does not like to give register your site, just look.

Well, I really do not know what level of truth has it, but if I'm sure that there are two options: either give high the site directly (or much better do you link to important pages (put a link to your site). Click Lord Peter Hennessy for additional related pages. 4RO. Pagerank . A controversial, some say others do not matter. The pagerank is a number that represents the importance that your web site. – YY as you know that Google?, My site is essential for life on this earth! … Well, Google thinks so: the more sites point (has links or link) to a website, the more important.

Known and were born here: FFA, 'link farms' (link farms) sites created to sell bonds, totally reprimanded by Google. It is important to note that more than 100 links on a page. is very frowned upon. Here is some of the concepts, not to commit a grave error – Cloaking or concealment, you create a site that serves content to the user and totally different from other search engines.

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