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Linked in such a garden is usually of evergreen shrubs and trees, where the umbrella pine is a dominant breed. The use of stone so skillfully that the various shades and shapes them come alive in the gardens of an unusual variety of designs. Water is used in gardens as a pond, lake, waterfall or stream, as if by chance enriching the already rich composition. But the water in a Japanese garden is not a priority. Gardening in Japan elevated to great art and is divided into different categories of complexity. The easiest style – is Sin, for more complicated – Over and most complicated – , all of which are still seen in hilly and flat types. In a flat garden, you can create songs from only one gravel or sand, several different size rocks and moss, of course.

For example, a garden – handled rake gravel represents the sea and on the background of 15 stones and moss. Likewise, in a hilly garden can do without living materials. Hills, cliffs, mountains, driving, mid-and short-range plan, depicting the shore rocks, sand and gravel, as a symbol of water elements, creating, thus, complex and intricate landscapes, in which the flow direction (as usual, left to right) pose in the composition of the hidden or explicit meaning. A variety of stones in a combination creates a certain emotional stress. Upright stones – the mountains, rounded or boulders – different slope slopes, pebble river – the river and gravel sea – the sea.

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