The Words

A word without meaning is an empty sound, therefore the meaning is the criterion of speaks, that it could be seen as phenomenon of speaks. But for psychology, the meaning of speaks is generalizante or a concept and as these are undeniably thought acts, can consider the meaning as a phenomenon of the thought. The meanings are in constant transformations, are born to assign concepts and go suffering modifications, addition. An example of the Russian language, mentioned for Vygotsky is appropriate to explain what I told previously. The word sutki means day and night (24 hours). But this word originally meant sewing, junction of two parts of clothes and later it started to assign one I sing, a esquina. In our language we have as example the word Lover, who meant slave, but for the fact to relate the young man, young, fort. Later we start to use this word Lover to assign ' ' hanger where if they hang clothes and chapus' '.

As it occurs the transformation of the words, of the meanings, this also occurs in the process of acquisition of the language for the child. The generalizations move throughout the development. In the acquisition of a new learned concept, former the word moon, any similar object with focos of light, for the child can mean a moon. When discovering the meanings the child applies in its universe of knowledge, real life and experiences. being next to an adult child goes adjusting to its concepts and meanings of the cultural and linguistic group of which she is part. This transformation of meanings occurs when the child this acquiring the language, as much in its vocabulary and real knowledge in which the child lives. This process of the transformation of meanings in the acquisition of the language occurs on the world concrete and the personal experience of each child.

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