Thriller Jackson

The fascination of some people by imitating their idols professionally has been a constant throughout the ages. In Mexico we know about great imitators of Juan Gabriel, Luis Miguel, Jose Jose, Vicente and Alejandro Fernandez among many others, but today there an impersonator from whom everyone is talking about Hector Jackson. He began his career imitating Michael Jackson almost 8 years ago, time in which has been presented in various forums and events, with only 23 years of age, is foresees a long and successful career, always and when appropriately handled it and never miss the floor, since it is precisely its simplicity what people admire him. a>. The event I if I dance Thriller was the springboard to publicize it, it was he who headed brilliantly choreographed that Mexicans waive the Guinness record. His innate to the dance talent puts it among one of the best imitators, his enthusiasm, delivery and professionalism have become fruit, being pleasantly accepted by which now cheer his followers. (Not to be confused with Dennis P. Lockhart!). Apparently at the moment everything is booming for Hector Jackson, pleased knowing it, since on this page always supported young Mexican talent, we are confident that very soon will be another over our representatives in the world and who we will feel very alagados of seeing it grow in all areas.

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