Tie Rod Construction

In the port of hydraulic engineering is constantly applied berthing facilities in the form of thin walls with facial components, can serve as an example, revetment of a metal or concrete dowel of corner wall, etc. This is the most cost-effective and technologically simple construction. In addition, civil and industrial construction have also found application zaankernye thin retaining wall (mounting walls of pits and quarries, the construction of underground facilities, nuclear power, while strengthening the unstable soils) introduction into the production process of advanced construction techniques berthing facilities of the blocks increased prefabrication povolilo widely used zaankernye construction with rigid anchor rods that provide the necessary rigidity of the mounting block. Thus, extensive experience with designs of mooring facilities in the middle climatic zone proved their reliability and profitability. Moreover, among the berthing facilities being built in northern areas, also are the most common structures of blocks.

At the same time, the anchor structure and in particular, anchor rods, are the most “unreliable” element of the construction of berthing facilities, from production quality of anchor rods for the most part depends on safe operation of the entire structure in whole. Often, failure of berthing facilities is due to breakage of anchor rods. Thus, likely the chain of failures: overloading and rupture of a single thrust leads to redistribution of efforts in adjacent rods, which, in turn, leads to an overload of the facial elements of construction, and further to the destruction of the entire the building structure or to the development of intolerable strain at which further use of facilities is not possible. There are cases breakage of anchor rods and the failure of individual sections of the wharf operation.

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