However, your corporate party New Year can be carried out in a very unexpected place, on which your holiday will become a truly fabulous! Country holiday home, guest house, resort … as well as any other place of your choice! Corporate New Year should be where you want to just you. 2. We offer you a wide range of entertainment options. What kind of corporate New Year's celebration without an interesting, professionally prepared and trained quality program? We believe that corporate New Year celebrations, deprived of skilled management – crime! Therefore, we will take all the hard organizational work, and you just have to choose – what you want to fill in the bright New Year celebration: we have the eastern and erotic dances, sleigh rides in the top three horses and a New Year's striptease show bubbles, fireworks, fireworks and much more! Total and you name it, so it's come to us and themselves order the New Year celebrations just as you want for you! Organization of the New Year – this show, which will play a major role YOU. 3.

We guarantee that your organization is a corporate New Year will be the most individual! For the honor to say, the individual will all – the program presenters, plan, conduct, content, approach, artists, speakers at corporate parties. All your desires, all your preferences, your needs will be taken into account, and we, for its part, will offer you such a festive recipes that turn your semi-formal New Year's magic! Artists of various genres, actors, theaters and movies, bands and show business stars, well-known Toastmasters, clowns, magicians – at your service all those who can create a story in a local "corporate" level. Individually! By the way, on New Year's "Olivier" – in "Empire of the New Year" you will find a professional Catering for New Year. What is catering for the new year – is a unique service to restaurant service holiday "from and to." That is no problem with "Olivier" will not. Will be – just fun! 4. And yes, the price – it will also very attractive! Let's say right away – a corporate party in the New Year, "Empire of the New Year" will cost you much cheaper than any other holiday agency.

Why? Yes, because we always meet our customers, especially when the front – such a wonderful holiday as New Year. Judge for yourself – discount for corporate clients to conduct the New Year in our company is no less than 20 percent! What is not a reason to call "Empire of the New Year" and ask the details of our services? 5. We offer you a fantastic design for your new year. Wherever you choose to hold it. Whatever the program may have ordered. What would the artists have come you no congratulations. In any case, all this will look stunning! Balloons, pneumatic figures, light-, illumination, laser show, confetti – with the design point of view of corporate organization in the New Year, "Empire New Year "will be amazing! Corporate New Year – is the collective joy, increase in proportion to your guests!

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